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      <p>CAREPROST includes bimatoprost, a medication referred as as an anti-glaucoma preparation. For glaucoma treatment, it is utilised. The optic nerve is harmed by a series of eye conditions called glaucoma (nerves which are responsible for proper vision). An rise in ocular pressure is a defining feature of it. It is brought on by a problem with the eyes’ aqueous humour discharge or drainage.</p><p>The drainage of the amassed fluids (aqueous humour) from the eye is improved with bimatoprost. Hence, it aids in lowering the increased pressure inside the eye. Your doctor would do a few eye tests prior to therapy to understand your current state.</p><p><br />As a precaution, let your doctor know if you’ve had any eye surgery, including a cataract procedure, before using CAREPROST.</p><p><br />Now you can buy careprost  canada at lowest Price on trusted site.</p>

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