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      <p>South Lampung tourism continues to add to its tourist destinations. The newest is the Educational Garden in Kalianda, South Lampung. For mountain lovers, this is one way to enjoy Mount Rajabasa from a distance. And the Educational Garden is one of the coolest spots to enjoy it. Do not believe? Just prove it. Investor Daily had the opportunity to come to enjoy this cool spot last week. Spread over an area of ​​2.5 ha, the Educational Garden which is located on the Trans Sumatra road, Kalianda is right opposite Mount Rajabasa as high as 1,281 meters above sea level. From a distance, the blue is able to relieve fatigue. Melting emotions. Creating calm. Satisfied looking at Rajabasa, visitors are treated to a variety of plantation plants. “Plants have avocado, soursop, durian, and various kinds. We intercept it with watermelon, melon, and cucumber. God willing, entering the fasting month, we will harvest suri cucumber, “said South Lampung Regent Nanang Ermanto to Investor Daily during a discussion held at Asah Kindness at the Educational Garden, Kalianda, South Lampung, Wednesday (7/4/2021).</p><p>Incidentally, at that time, the Educational Garden had just harvested 500 kg of watermelon and was immediately bought by the buyer. Together with Regent Nanang Ermanto and Head of the Environment Agency, Feri Bastian, Investor Daily tasted watermelon directly in his garden. The taste of the watermelon is very sweet and fresh. Apart from fruit trees, there are also typical Lampung plantation plants, namely cloves and pepper. Various types of family medicinal plants or toga are also grown here. “We plant medicinal plants, such as ginger, kencur, and others,” said Nanang, who made this educational garden free for visitors. This garden also provides land for school children to practice gardening. Also a variety of birds. “Especially for children of the school generation, we saw earlier that there were kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school children coming,” said Nanang proudly. For family tourism, the Educational Garden is perfect. Gajebo-gejebo is ready to pengertian senam lantai be a place for the family to relax while enjoying lunch. A number of children’s games such as swings and slides are also provided. “You can bring supplies, but don’t litter,” said Nanang, who also provides culinary spots in this garden. This garden is also very instagramable. Apart from fruit plants, there are also flower plants. One of the coolest spots is Lorong Cinta. The hallway, which is right in the middle of the view of Mount Rajabasa, is filled with vines creeping in a love-shaped frame. Suitable for selfies and welfies together.</p>

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