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      You can easily come across 30×20 feet, 40×30 feet, 40×60 feet, 50×75 feet and 80×100 feet floor plans. While many barndominiums indeed are compact, there are truthfully an abundance of genuinely big options out there. Don’t forget that barndos started out as agricultural facilities that call for a lot of room for work purposes, equipment storage, and more. If you take the time to focus on open plans alone, you’ll notice that many are comparable to mansions size-wise. A DIY barndominium is a virtual blank canvas when it comes to design possibilities. That means the options for incorporating living areas and play areas into your house plans are almost endless. We want to ensure your home has the perfect façade for your style. We can design your metal build so it’s ready for any additional details you plan to add to it, like stucco or veneer. Another popular option for our barndominiums in Arizona is a mezzanine. These create a loft or second story and can be used to help make the industrial structure feel more like a barn or home. This type of building is typically built on an existing property or multi-acre homesite. The structure often acts as a dual-purpose living and shop or work and storage area large enough for things as large as boats and recreational vehicles. When you start with ultra-durable metal framing, you can really make your investment last. Barndominiums have taken the concept of metal framing for commercial and industrial buildings, and applied the heavy-duty construction choice to our beautiful, southern homes. Whether you’re looking to build a forever home, or you just need to build a for-right-now home, Barndos offer best-in-class stability for many reasons. From the structure of the framework to the return on your investment in the housing market, you’ll experience an unheard-of stability when you choose to build a Barndominium. Yes, barndominiums are designed to withstand strong weather and severe storms if they are built properly by trained professionals. Here’s more in regards to webpage check out our web page. They use their knowledge and network to hire the best builders and construction professionals in your price range while making sure everything goes according to the project plan and timeline.

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