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      You can select the cipher of choice, add your input text and calculate the gematria. There is also an option to combine words together in case you are entering a phrase. This calculator instantly gives you the gematria of the word. Gematrinator.com is a free online gematria calculator (epiforum.ru) website. The tool here has a neat and interactive user interface. You can expand the list from the “Ciphers” button at the top and select the gematria that you need. You can also configure the options to change what information you want to see. When you add an input to the tool, it shows all the selected gematria along with character breakdown. From there, you can click on any gematria to get more information. Doing this loads another section at the bottom of the page. This section shows the numerical properties covering Divisors, Conversions (to various numerical systems), and equivalent numbers in other gematria. Here is a list of the best free online gematria calculator websites.

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      <p>Thank you!</p>

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