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      <br>The history of hair styles goes back 30,000 years. In the early 20th century, women wore their hair long, curly, or in a braid. Later, they began to wear their hair short, and it was usually worn in a ponytail or bun. Short hairstyles were the fashion during the early 1950s. The 1960s saw many different hair styles, including pixie cuts and modern, short haircuts. Women wore their hair shorter in the 1980s and embraced punk hairstyles.<br><br>If you are planning on sporting spiked hair, it is important to have longer hair on the top and shorter on the sides. This allows the spikes to stand out. To create this look, use gel, abhair.co.uk hair wax, or hair spray to set the spikes. The more you experiment with your hair, the more likely you are to have the look you desire. The more adventurous can even try experimenting with different parts and directions of the spikes to create a unique look.<br><br>The lob cut has become a classic hairstyle for women. This cut frames the face and complements a tan nicely. Caramel blonde highlights will make a woman look ready for any event. A teased edgy bob is another great hairstyle for the modern woman. While this haircut is not for everyone, it compliments the modern woman’s look and style. It is still an incredibly versatile hairstyle that works well in many settings.<br>

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