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      Maintaining Environmental Health is an obligation for every individual, in addition to being a gift given by the creator to his servant, Environmental Health must be Flashdisk Murah maintained so that our families avoid disease. Because health is priceless. Sometimes when we are healthy, we forget the blessings and when we are ill we realize and feel that health is really very valuable.

      A healthy body can be obtained from exercising regularly, consuming nutritious food, and a healthy and clean environment. A healthy environment is sometimes we often do not pay attention to because of busy work so that the environment is not kept clean. As a result of an unhealthy environment can cause various diseases, one of which is worrying is dengue fever (DHF) because it can cause death.

      Environmental cleanliness is a state free from dirt, including in it, dust, garbage, and odors. In Indonesia, the problem of environmental cleanliness has always been a debate and a growing problem. Cases involving environmental hygiene problems are increasing every year.

      We must know about the benefits of maintaining environmental hygiene, because maintaining environmental hygiene is very useful for all of us because it can create a safe, clean, cool and healthy life.

      Benefits of maintaining environmental cleanliness include:

      Avoid disease caused by an unhealthy environment.
      The environment becomes cooler.
      Free from air pollution.
      The water becomes cleaner and safer to drink.
      Calmer in carrying out daily activities.

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