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      Marshal Handrix

      <p>To remove a running suture, follow these steps:</p><p>Clean the area: Clean the area around the suture with an antiseptic solution to reduce the risk of infection.<br />Locate the knot: Identify the knot at one end of the running suture. It may be necessary to carefully remove any dressing or adhesive tape covering the suture.<br />Cut the suture: Using a pair of sterile scissors, cut the suture near the knot.<br />Remove the suture: Gently pull the suture through the tissue, being careful not to tug or cause discomfort to the patient. Continue to pull until the entire length of the suture is removed.<br />Check the wound: Once the suture has been removed, inspect the wound to ensure that it is healing properly. If there are any signs of infection or complications, seek medical attention.<br />It’s important to note that the removal of running sutures should only be performed by a trained healthcare professional, as improper removal can lead to complications such as wound dehiscence or infection. If you have any questions or concerns about how to remove a running suture, consult your healthcare provider.</p>

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