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      All times are written with at least 4 digits in the actual military. For example, midnight is written as 0000 and 11 p.m. Furthermore, all four spaces must always be filled so the hours from midnight to 9 a.m. While the numbers start with 1 like 1000 for 10 a.m. Or the number starts with 2 such as 2200 for 10 p.m. For Local time it is noted as “J” and the same time in the local time would be 0639J. Not forgetting the Eastern Time Zone that is always denoted by the letter “R” and the same time would be 0639R . The respective military time zones have a selected letter and name to it. Welcome to the Math Salamanders’ Military Time Chart page. On this webpage, you will find a chart to help you to convert from standard to military time, and from military time to standard time. Suppose the military time is 1300 hours, or after, subtract 12 from the specified hour to get the time in a 12-hour clock. Then add the colon between the hour and the minutes and put pm at the end. When writing military time, you don’t put a colon between the hour and the minutes like you would when using a 12- or 24-hour clock. While most people in the United States use a 12-hour clock, there are many advantages to using a 24-hour clock. One advantage is that there can be no confusion about whether it is AM or PM. This can be important in emergency situations when every minute counts. Another advantage is that it makes it easier to keep track of time zones when traveling internationally. Have you ever wondered what people meant when they used 1700 military time or 2100 military time? Why are there more than 12 numbers used by the military anyways? The key to remember is that in the heat of battle, there is no room for errors, and a 24-hour clock helps military branches stay in better communication when it matters most.

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