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      <p>It was recently revealed that Jun Ji Hyun became the highest paid Korean artist. However, if you look at his achievements in the world of acting, it’s actually not that surprising. Jun Ji Hyun is also one of the richest artists in South Korea with several sources of wealth apart from acting.</p><p>Jun Ji Hyun started her career as a model when a friend introduced her to a photographer. The 1981-born actress made her debut on the cover of Ecole magazine. He then gained international fame through My Sassy Girl, the highest-grossing Korean comedy film of all time in 2001.</p><p>Starting a career from a young age, Jun Ji Hyun is now a huge success and rich. Apart from acting, where are the sources of Jun Ji Hyun’s wealth? The points below are quoted from various sources.</p><p>Jun Ji Hyun or Gianna Jun is known as a top actress who has starred in many films and several successful dramas. Entertainment Live on September 3, 2021 reported that he currently occupies the top spot for most expensive stars.</p><p>It is known that Jun Ji Hyun received one hundred million won (approximately Rp1.22 billion) per episode for My Love From the Star. The SBS drama, which also stars Kim Soo Hyun, has 20 episodes, meaning that he received 200 million won (approximately Rp2.46 billion) from this drama alone.</p><p>According to Entertainment Live, Jun Ji Hyun’s star rating has increased so much since then. The Kingdom: Ashin of the North star’s income has now reached 17 billion won (approximately IDR 209 billion). However, it is not yet known whether it refers to the entire drama or just one episode.</p><p>According to Korean media reports on September 3, 2021, Jun Ji Hyun earns about one billion won (approximately Rp. 12.29 billion) per advertising contract every year. This year alone, the actress kim woo bin was signed to 16 brands, making her the most expensive star in Korea.</p><p>The success of The Legend of the Blue Sea in 2016 cemented his status as the best-selling commercial star. Last year it was reported that Jun Ji Hyun starred in 14 commercials, earning a total of 13.8 billion won or around Rp. 169.69 billion.</p>

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