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      <p>Why do we love weapons so much in Wrath of the Lich King? Why does getting a Classic WOTLK best-in-slot weapon so important? It’s because everyone can see how sweet your new piece of gear is or because of what you can do with it. In our Wotlk best weapons list, all weapons are very easy to obtain in Classic Wrath of the Lich King. Yet they are so incredibly powerful and last you a long time during your time raiding.</p><p>No.1 Titansteel Destroyer</p><p>Titansteel destroyer is a craftable two-handed mace that most melee DPS will try and obtain as soon as possible. The cost can be quite heavy because it requires 8 titan steel bars which each individually require 1 eternal fire earth and shadow which are normally quite expensive . You will also need an alchemist to transmute, the free titanium bars for each titan steel bar. But the reason why it’s definitely worth it is because of the stats of the weapon. This weapon has the highest strength start out of any weapon or any piece of gear in the first rating of the expansion. It has a total of 124 strengths which is a huge DPS boost for anybody jumping into their first raid.</p><p>Even 25-man loot like the next Ramos doesn’t have as much strength. But obviously, weapons like armageddon amateur humanity are ultimately better for their base weapon damage. But it’s weird how you have to wait until you get into 25-man Ulduar hard mode before you get weapons of a higher base strength stat. The reason why the strength is so high is that it sacrifices a secondary stat since it only has a hit chance on it. But nonetheless, it will take you a while to replace this weapon especially as that hit chance is also really nice.</p><p>No.2 Blade Twister</p><p>Blade twister is a lethal dagger dropped by Freyja in Urdu 25 man on hard mode which can be in fact due wielded. The first reason why this dagger is so incredibly strong is because of the fast weapon speed of 1.4 seconds. So obviously rogue’s weapon speeding Increasing buffs like slice, dice, and blade flurry, you can easily get your weapon speed below one a second. This was the optimal weapon choice for an assassination rogue which was a very powerful DPS in Wrath of the Lich King. Particularly when it came to sustained DPS and suspect would specialize in increasing poison damage, which obviously can continue to deal damage to a boss while not actually in melee range when you’re jumping around responding to mechanics. Because of that deadly poison dot. Although combat spec was the king at PvE spec like it normally is.</p><p>The assassination was a competitor especially since it was easier to get gear because most of the other rogues would probably stubbornly play combat and wait for sword drops. So getting deck tank with powerful daggers like these two bad boys would be much faster and easier than waiting around for the one-handed sword options. These daggers are so powerful that they would last you until you’re doing 25-man heroic trial of a crusader in the next patch. Since hard mode gear is scaled up in stats and obviously the gem socket on these weapons is hard to beat.</p><p>3. Glorenzelg, High Blade of the Silver Hand</p><p>We have the second most powerful weapon in the game during Wrath of the Lich King behind shadow man. The main reason why this made warriors death knights and rep paladins drool over this weapon and dream about it in their sleep was the free red sockets on the weapon. That huge red vicious gap on the tour tip was perfect, because it could be jammed with big red strength gems or armor penetration gems. It’s almost frightening just looking at a weapon with so many red gem sockets. Then on top of that, you get a little cherry on the top with a plus 8 strength bonus when you did deck it out with free red gems. In Wrath, worries were given one of the coolest talents in the game called titan’s grip which allows you to basically dual-wield two two-handed weapons. It was a great way to choose a little bit more gear score out of your character. So obviously you could dual wield with these weapons and it made fury warrior the highest DPS in WOTLK closely competing with a fire mage.</p><p>You could also combine this weapon with shadow moon or crypt maker, especially since crit maker provided a good chunk of armor penetration which is a really strong start in Wrath. Another useful element of his weapon was the chunk of expertise in the weapon which was a rare stat that you had to cap in order for you to not get dodged by the boss. Because if you’re lucky and you don’t have a decent amount of racing expertise, then it would nerf your DPS quite a bit. So this weapon easily checks that checkbox.</p><p>4. Battered Hilt</p><p>This was the most desired by classes that use a two-handed weapon because it provided the quel’delar, might of the faithful. This weapon has a little bit of a backstory to it since it was forged by the night elves and the dragon aspects . Obtaining the weapon was pretty easy since the item that began the quest, the battered hilt droppe</p><p>d from trash mobs in the dungeons which were halls of reflection pit of sauron and the forge of souls. Although most people found it inside the pit of saron, since the dungeon had the most trash loot. You could easily buy off your auction house for a few thousand golds if you went through the effort of actually completing the story focus quest line, you would eventually end up with some really good weapon rewards to prepare you for icecrown citadel.</p><p>Especially since it had the equal item level of ICC loot, so it was absolutely perfect for one of your old characters. There was a spell power sword legends of the mind, a rogue sword cunning of the shadows, an agility sword ferocity of the scorned , a spell power mace hammer of purified flame, an enhancement shaman agility mace be could deal a furious justice, and a fast two-handed agility mace the lightborn spire, a good star stick for a feral druid. The last quest would actually involve you purifying the weapon inside the Sunwell, you get your own phased instance of the raid and it’s a cool RP moment where you’re surrounded by the blood elf leaders as you purify the tainted weapon.</p><p>5. Fezzik’s Auto Cannon/BRK-1000</p><p>Fezzik’s auto cannon and the brk1000 are exactly the same, but with a different model. This is because the trial of the crusader loop has unique loot depending on your faction and the items are essentially mirrored between her lines and horde but have the exact same stats . The reason why hunters wanted this weapon more than other ranged weapons, particularly dwarf hunters, was because their gun ratio was the slowest speed and the cheeky gem slot which was always uncommon on a ranged weapon. This meant that this weapon was actually better than some of the icecrown citadel normal mode loot and you would have to wait until you’re clearing heroic icecrown citadel to replace it.</p><p>Another good option was talon strike which is a little easier to obtain since the only way to obtain it. The gun option was to do tribute runs specifically a tribute run called mad skill tribute run, which meant you had to complete the entire raid on 25 -man heroic mode with less than 5 wipes. If you got no wipes at all, you would get even more extremely powerful loot which was some cloaks with item level just below 25 men heroic. So it’s essentially end-game loot.</p><p> </p><p>Find the best weapons in WoW Wrath of the Lich King that suits your playstyle. If you want to buy wotlk Classic gold, don’t forget to get cheap gold from wotlkclassicgold.com!</p>

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